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Power of the mind
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As we grow, most of us adopt certain ways of doing things. As time goes by, our ways and thought patterns stick in the subconscious, making it challenging to make critical decisions and attain our objectives and goals. There are various reasons for this but the question is: “how can one overcome their mental barriers?” In an attempt to answer this question, it’s imperative to remember that no person is free of mental blockages. Some acquire them during adolescence or childhood while others are born with them. Some individuals experience blockages due to the failures they have had in their adult lives.

A mental/psychological blockage comes from fear. Sometimes, one may be aware of the fear and its origin (a failure or crisis that was experienced in the past). For instance, the fear may be as a result of failing an exam or a driving test. After many of such failures, one begins fearing more failures and develops a mental barrier with regard to that specific issue. Another scenario could involve being deserted or left by a person who preferred the company of someone else. At that point, one may begin creating barriers in their relationships – or, in other words, they will start experiencing fear.

Fear of the unknownThe fear of the unknown is also another form of mental barrier. This blockage does not originate from previous experiences but rather the future. It arises from the need to handle a situation that we have never experienced, and as a result, we have no idea of how to react or what actions to take. From a positive perspective, this could be an individual who has been promoted to a new position and does not have the right training for the post.

Alternatives include an individual who has lost their property as a result of a natural calamity and now has to rebuild their lives from scratch. Another example includes a person dismissed from their job without notice.

The third type of psychological barrier is the inherent blockage people are born with. This could be the fear of enclosed spaces, the fear of insects, the fear of water, and the fear of heights for no apparent reasons. This blockage includes any fear which the origin and reasons are not known.

These circumstances and many others create a mental barrier and make it challenging for people to function or think correctly. Psychological blockage holds us back and creates failure because we lack the ability to break the barriers and overcome the factors which led to their origin or formation.
Usually, people try to cope with such situations in different ways. One of these techniques is to seek assistance from an external source or an individual who would help find the best solution for us and our specific problems. These external sources include friends, therapists, and counselors. The second technique that we may use is to bypass the problem. Bypassing implies not paying attention to the problem and going on with our lives as though nothing is wrong.

Each and every person has stored within them, the solution to their mental blockages. In the same way, people believe that the power of medication can give their minds the will and strength to beat a particular disease, the inherent strengths and abilities of an individual can help them overcome the things which are holding them back in life.


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