Turn Your Misfortune into Opportunity

Turn Your Misfortune into Opportunity
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When it comes to dealing with misfortune, one thing that is critical to keep in mind is that our own misfortunes are magnified along with the success of others. This is important because it reminds us that while we are more inclined to see our own misfortunes as completely unique and individual experiences, this is not always the case.

Why You? Why Everybody.

For instance, how many times have you done something as simple as stubbed your toe and thought, “Why me?” Or how about been in a fender bender through no fault of your own? Why me, right? Why can’t things happen to you that are related to success? Why couldn’t you have been born into a rich family?

This type of thinking is not only irrational, it’s harmful to your own success. When you see misfortune and think that you are unique in experiencing it, you tend to think negatively as if the world is out to get you—it’s not. Your misfortune is not unique. How many people do you think stubbed their toes and thought, “Why me?” Even wildly rich and successful people think that! How about if someone hits their car—you can bet someone that runs into a celebrity is automatically thinking about suing them. Talk about your “why me” moments!

The point here is that the sooner that you realize that everybody has misfortunes, the more in tune to dealing with them you’ll be. And while that’s a good start, it still doesn’t answer why some people have more success than you. That has to be unfair, right? I mean, even with their misfortunes, at least they’re still rich, right?

Turning Misfortune into Opportunity

Let’s think about that line of thought. What’s one of the most successful families in the history of the United States? How about the Kennedys? Presidents, senators, wealth, fame, fortune, good looks, power…assassinations, brain cancer, plane crashes. No amount of money, fame or power can console a grieving mother after her two sons are assassinated in public. That’s true misfortune.

But the Kennedys persevered. They took the misfortune and moved on. They didn’t get stuck dwelling in the past or the hand they were dealt, but rather continued putting family members in positions of power and opportunity. And that’s exactly the type of mindframe that you need when dealing with your misfortunes:

1. Misfortune happens to everybody to differing degrees.
2. It’s how you respond to your misfortune that will dictate how people remember you
3. Your level success depends on the opportunities you create for yourself from your misfortunes

How to Turn Misfortune into Opportunity and Enjoy Success

So, how do you turn misfortune into opportunity? There are a number of ways. To help illustrate a few, let’s look at some examples.

• In 2009, Iceland fell from one of the wealthiest countries in the world in spectacular fashion. Their economic collapse was devastating and there was serious doubt that they could ever get back on track. But instead of succumbing to their misfortune or trying to claw their way out using the same “modern” strategies and investments that led to their downfall, the Icelandic government invested in its culture and people, becoming more transparent and embracing its roots. This has led to a reassurance of the Icelandic economy, making opportunity out of misfortune.

• In 1995, Lee Rhodes was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer, a misfortune in the purest sense of the word. While sitting in her kitchen with friends after long bouts of chemotherapy, Rhodes placed a candle in a hand-blown glass vase her husband had just made. The light gave her a sense of hope and purpose which she turned into the wildly successful glassybaby company, with three stores in Seattle and one in New York City.

The Path to Opportunity Rests in How You React to Misfortune

As you can see, just about any misfortune can be turned into an opportunity if you are open to it. The key is to look inside and see what is really causing you to struggle. What gives you hope and how can you see your way out of it? Do you have a strong will to persevere or are you just going to crumble under this misfortune where so many others have succeeded?

The true key to success is not how you react during your wins, but how you react during your losses. Take every misfortune and misstep you make as a chance to learn and grow. What did you do to get to this place and how can you avoid being their again. More importantly, how can you help others who are dealing with the same misfortunes and problems? If there is a need in the market for something of this type, there is your opportunity knocking. Are you going to answer?

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