The Laws of Success

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Power Believed is Power Achieved

Many of us have heard of the placebo effect; that is, if we believe a certain medication is working, we will often seen real results. This is not the stuff of fiction, but it is rather a scientific law. In other words, an affirmation can prove an extremely powerful tool that will affect our very existence. Perhaps the most interesting thing in regards to this concept is that it can apply to money, love, fitness, business relationships and your overall satisfaction in life. So, it becomes clear that we all possess the power of success. The question is, how do we recognise and develop this attribute?


If we take a look at all of the most successful people in the world (both past and present), the one aspect that they all share is that they embrace an unwavering belief in their capabilities. Some may call this a stubborn need to succeed, but this affirmation was very much the single most powerful tool that led them to fulfilling their dreams. Developing such a willpower is within everyone’s grasp, it is just unfortunate that many of us are unaware of this hidden talent. Once we can admit to ourselves that we have the power to change every aspect of our lives for the better, an entirely new world suddenly opens up before us.

Birds of a Feather

Money attracts money. Success breeds further success and will captivate like-minded people. We can never expect to get anywhere in life if we are surrounded by stagnation and static attitudes. This law of attraction is undeniable. So, we must learn to embrace a lifestyle that will encourage other motivated individuals to become a part of our lives. This can be thought of as “motivational networking” in a way. The power of success has just as much to do with who we know as what we know; a concept not unfamiliar with those in the business world.


Rome was not built in a day nor can these concepts be adopted overnight. We are all creatures of habit and we need to slowly change our old ways in order to embrace this new approach. It will not be easy nor will it happen in the blink of an eye, but it will happen. The most important thing to remember is that it is much easier than we all think. In fact, the only challenges that we cannot overcome are those we believe we cannot. Indeed, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

A Broad Spectrum

Many gurus that teach the power of success tend to focus on finance or business alone. However, this energy can be used to develop literally any area of our lives where we are feeling unfulfilled or unsatisfied. Energy is energy; it can be neither created or destroyed, but only changed. We are this very same energy. We are the power that we have been so desperate to find all along. We have no boundaries and we have no limits. By understanding the law of attraction, surrounding ourselves with positive individuals and developing habits that embrace our natural powers within, there is nothing we cannot overcome. Over time and with the proper guidance, power believed can truly become power achieved!


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