Using The Silva Method To Improve Your Life

silva method
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Silva method was first time offered to the public in the second half of the 1960s. Initially was only known by the people of Laredo and its surroundings. In 1966 word of his activities soon spread beyond Laredo where he was teaching his method to more than 100 people every week. Soon after, he was asked to teach groups who were willing to pay him for his knowledge.

The Silva Method was created by José Silva and over the next several decades, José attempted on his own kids; utilizing mind instruction techniques to lower the brain’s exercise in order enhance learning as well as memory. To his delight and shock, their school levels did improve, because did their own storage and behavior. It was during one of these simple tests that José discovered their method may also train people to make use of ESP.

The Silva Method has been around for almost 70 years, in spite of many breakthroughs that are still being made. José’s unique premise has always been correct. The mind will perform better in a lower level of believed rate of recurrence. When it is in a state associated with relaxed and peaceful, but nonetheless much more impartial and conscious than in hypnotherapy, your brain is more vulnerable to learning and storage, and may actually provide excellent understanding and hyper awareness.

The Silva Method was first made publicly available in the 1960’s. It was first made in the form of a book but has since been revamped to the Silva Life System which is an all in one membership with videos, presentations and step by step walk through’s.

The Silva Method has fast become the leading self development program. To date it has been used by over 6 million people across 110 different countries and has been featured across media outlets and even has its own global based instructors.

This Method involves creative visualization using active meditation to spark tangible, profound, lasting change – which means you’re shown how to use each of your 5 senses from your hands to your eyes, visualize vivid symbols and invoke hyper specific symbology to function at the Alpha and Theta levels of mind while fully awake.

Whilst there is much to the Silva Method the program mainly consists of guided meditation, self hypnosis, visualizing, affirmations, and positive thinking techniques. The goal is to empower the mind with positive statements, images and suggestions whilst in a deepened state of relaxation.


Like all self help programs, the Silva Method works better for some than others. In order for it to have any chance of success for you, you must truly believe that it can help you. If you are filled with doubt, then your brain will fight against the concepts being introduced to it, instead of embracing them. If you want to give the Silva Method a try, to see if you can use it to improve your life, then your first step is to open your mind to the possibility.

There’s so much more to the Silva Method than I could not cover in a single article. It really is one of those programs that you have to experience to really understand. However, if you’re looking to grow as a person and experience abundance in many areas of your life then it gets a strong recommendation from me.




  1. Thank You Rick, Silva Method is the creation of Jose Silva and over the years his daughter Laura Silva Quesada has really refined it, although she teaches a lot of problem solving methods I have found the mirror of the mind to be the best.

    P.s Love your site:


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