Power of Thought and How it Affects Your Life

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Take our ability to think away and put man up against a lion or shark—even the tiny mosquito. In each scenario, man would lose. We don’t have the strength to fight a lion, the ability to overcome a shark or the protection to ward off deadly diseases from mosquitoes. But give us back our thought process and we quickly develop tools for outsmarting animals and insects that would otherwise spell our demise.

That is just one primal example of the power of thought. It is what has enabled man to survive and rise to the top of the food chain. Think about it—even a house cat has more defense features than we do. They have four paws armed with claws and sharp teeth with the ability to clamp down on their prey. We have fingernails that break when we open soda cans and teeth that chip off when we bite into hard candy.

The Power of Thought Expanded

But it’s not just our primal instinct to survive that thought elevates. It’s the ability to succeed in both the large and small picture. Sure, thought has brought man to the point in history we are at today, with computer technology and life-saving medical techniques, but thought can also be a very powerful weapon in our everyday lives.

The power of thought must not be looked at as something that got us where we are, but rather something that will get us where we want to be. Thought can open up doors that would otherwise be closed, simply by first opening up the inner mental doors of your mind to the possibility. When you are more receptive and open to an outcome, that outcome becomes more likely to pass.

This has led to many theories on the power of thought, most of which can be boiled down to thinking positive to affect positive outcomes. But is this enough? Is the power of thought really as simple as thinking good things will happen and then having them happen?

Harnessing Your Power of Thought

Absolutely not. If so, every sporting match would end up in a tie. Boxers don’t go into the ring thinking, “Man, I’m really going to get whooped today.” They go in properly trained for the event with the mindset that they are going to win.

And that’s where the real power of thought rests—in not just thinking positive, but preparing yourself to handle the situation and opportunities that arise. Let’s take a look at a little example to illustrate the point.

John wants a promotion at his job but doesn’t think it’s going to happen. As such, it doesn’t for a few years. Then, John hears about the power of thought and figures he has nothing to lose by trying it out. John changes the way he thinks about the promotion. He writes down a list of reasons why he deserves the promotion which in turn starts to change the way he thinks about the promotion.

He now starts to think that the promotion is long overdue so will be coming soon. In order to prepare for the promotion and speed it along, John starts taking greater initiative at his job. He is on time more often, stays late on occasion to do an extra good job on projects for important clients and overall, increases his output and quality because that’s what someone who deserves a promotion would do.

After a few weeks, John’s bosses take notice of the change in John’s work ethic and like what they see. They call John in and are surprised to find out that John is talking about a promotion—they always had him pegged as someone who just wanted to do his job and go home, not move up in the company. John is sent for leadership training in Virginia where he not only meets his future wife, he learns the skills he needs to move forward with his career. When he returns, he is offered a higher paying job and soon thereafter, marries.

The Power of Thought Makes it All Possible

As you can see, it all starts with a thought. Thinking that you can do something, that you should do something and that you will do something leads to you actually doing something. Whatever that something is in your life, the power of thought will help you attain it. Change the way that you think about the outcome and see it as a reality that will happen, not that might happen.

Start to change your life to prepare for this reality—it is approaching very quickly. You’ll soon be amazed at how this thought process turns into an actuality as the desired outcome becomes reality, all from the power of thought.

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