Power Of Intention and Visualization!

Power of Intention
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When it comes to living the life of your dreams on your own terms, you need many variables to fall into place, but perhaps none so important as visualization and motivation. Visualization allows you to keep your dreams real and vivid, as well as see your goals as you make constant strides towards them. Motivation allows those strides you make to be constant. Without one, you will have a hard time attaining the other and without either, you will have an impossible time achieving the success you dream about.

Using Intention to Motivate your Visualization

Of course, there are many other variables to consider aside from motivation and visualization, and to give you a quick look at how they can affect both factors, let’s put the power of intention under the microscope. Using your intention—that is your deepest desires—you can begin to map out a course for your life that will ultimately lead to success. Intention is the beginning of every run to glory because without intent, there are no goals, there is no direction.

successFor instance, if your intent is to grow your home business into a multimillion dollar business so that you can retire on the shores of some deserted beach island, you have everything you need planned out for proper visualization. Using the power of intention to build up your visualization, we can now see:

  1. Your Goal – To retire on a beach island. You can almost smell the salty water on the cool breeze as you sip on fresh coconut milk (maybe spiked with a little rum?), feeling the warm sun on your skin. This is a goal you can visualize and work towards to keep your—you guessed it—motivation high.
  2. Your MilestonesIn order to reach this goal, you begin to see the steps that you will have to take to attain this wild success. You know that you’ll have to get a distributor for your product, work on marketing campaigns, get angel investors—you begin to visualize the steps and realize that they aren’t that far-fetched. It will just take time and motivation, two things that you have when your intention is strong and your visualization is powerful.
  3. Where You’re At And while you don’t need to visualize where you are at in your life right now, it does help to be realistic about it. This will help you visualize your milestones in order, prioritizing the smaller steps first which will provide a solid foundation for your larger accomplishments later down the road.

Using Visualization to Maintain Your Motivation

As you can see, the path to success is littered with thousands of tiny computations and factors that, when put together correctly, can have you living the life of your dreams on your own terms in no time at all. Visualization is a big key to success because it will help you stay motivated. Without motivation, your dreams will remain just that—dreams. Never a reality.

But by visualizing all of your goals and the steps you have to take to reach them, you’ll soon realize that reaching for the stars isn’t as hard as you thought. That’s because you are able to see each step that leads to the top. Just like taking baby steps, you’ll soon be off and running in no time.

The power of motivation through visualization will keep you moving from one milestone to the next. For instance, let’s say that right now, you simply have the home business idea, with nothing in the way of marketing or distribution set up. So, you first goal would obviously be to come up with some sort of marketing and distribution plan. When you visualize this goal as something completely reachable, it becomes reachable. All you need is a pen and some paper and you can start to layout your marketing plan.

Then, with plan in hand, visualize each step of the plan and how you will achieve the goal. Having met your first goal of creating the plans, you will now be motivated to carry out the rest of the steps, one by one, until before you know it, you’re much closer to your goal than you ever realized. And the best thing about this? You did it all on your own terms, simply using the power of intention, visualization and of course, motivation.

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