The amazing Power of Clarity

Power of Clarity
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“You must always understand what you want to accomplish and device ways through which you will hit your target in order to be successful in life” these were the words spoken by H.L Hunt during a T.V interview. He was man who rose from poverty as a cotton farmer in the 1930’s to a multi-billionaire in 1974 when he died. The man also observed than most people never had goals in life, and if they did, they were always afraid of paying the price.

1157722_166601870211437_1602471601_nThe secret to the thriving of a business and the making of a great empire is through making clear goals and objectives. These are like a map that guides you to your destination. As the saying goes, a man who knows where he is going knows when he is lost but a man who doesn’t know where he is going; any road will take him anywhere. A lot of people are broken hearted and disillusioned because when they look back; they cannot help but think that something somewhere went wrong. They will question their careers, and their earnings but they fail to understand that they just got lost, because they never knew where they were going.

There might be reasons why these people do not make clear goals in their career and businesses. It might be because they have never come across such a thing in class, or that they are scared of making mistakes or being committed to time consuming goals. This is the big tragedy because, as teddy Roosevelt once said, “…in a moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” It is not only a tragedy on their part, but also a benefit to others. This is because as they work aimlessly, they serve the purpose of other people’s dreams. To avoid this in life, you must decide what you really want over the whims of others, by taking hold of reins yourself and deciding where you would like to go.

It should be understood that having a direction is not the same as having goals. Also, such things such as “making more money” and “building businesses” are not goals. Goals are specific, clearly defined and measurable. An example of the difference between a direction and a goal is the difference between the giving of directions and the stating of stating a specific location. Also, a goal should always be stated in binary terms. You must be able to give a definite answer whether you have achieved your goal or not. This is to say that you should be able to give a YES or a NO answer instead of a MAYBE. E.g. Making a goal to earn $5000 a month, you can be able to say whether you have achieved the goal or not.

DirectionIt has been said that the best way to predict the future is to create it. In the same spirit, you should always make your goals as if you know what will happen. Then, you should commit these goals into writing, so that there can be a reference. Without doing this, then you are just lying to yourself. You should also avoid the dilly dallying, as if you are not sure of what you want. A good example of doing this is the use of words such as “could” or “would”. Understand that a goal should be concrete, such that when the ball starts rolling, then there is no turning back. Another important thing to note when doing this is to put the goals as if you have already achieved it. E.g., “I will earn $20000this year”. Then, you should make a point of making these goals personal.

Ladies and gentlemen, another thing you should learn when making your goals is to understand that goals need to be objective rather than subjective. This means that, as we said earlier, that they are personalized. You should also understand that reading this article without practicing what it promotes is the same as reading a medical journal and expecting to get better thereafter. What am I trying to say? What I mean is that you should take a direct conscious effort to make it a reality.

I find it very important to restate what I had said earlier in much more clear terms. That is, you should avoid working for other people’s goals. How can you be doing this? If you do nothing or if you act without clarity about where you are headed in life, then you are doing what I just condemned. Understand that everything in life counts. There is nothing that will ever be neutral; at least not in this life or this part of the world. You are either earning something by anything you do or you are losing. There simply is no middle ground. Your quality life is the sum total of your deeds.

It also helps a lot to see the future. Try and fantasize, dream, think about where you will be in the next several years or so, and then put the relevant mechanisms to ensure that everything is going just the same way you dreamed about. It not only guarantees you that your dreams will be achieved, but also makes sure that the mechanism you create is self-driven in such a way that even without you, then it can reach its destination. For example, though Walt Disney never saw the completion of his dream, that is the Disney world, it came true because he had put the necessary for its achievement. Just has his brother said, “Walt saw it first? That’s why we are seeing it now.” Finally, as it is evidenced by these clear points that were stated above, clear goals will always allow you to bring the words of H.L Hunt to life. By deciding exactly what you want to accomplish, committing it to writing and reviewing it on a daily basis, then you breathe soul into these very words and just like the great man who stated them, you will rise from poverty to a multi-billionaire.


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