Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude

Positive thinking
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Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of things and always anticipates positive results. A person who thinks positively expects success and health, happiness and fulfillment. A positive thinking believer holds that they have what it takes to overcome any hurdle in life and excel in all they do.

However, positive thinking is not embraced by all. There are still a large number of people who scoff at positive thinking and think that it is arrant nonsense. On the other hand, there are others who take positive thinking as a fact, and thus embrace it in every aspect of their lives. According to the increasing number of books and lectures dedicated to the controversial issue of positive thinking, the topic is evidently increasing popularity by the day. In order to apply positive thinking in your life, you need to be more than aware of its existence. You simply need to apply positive thinking in everything you do.

Positive thinking is not a mirage, but a reality. According to the laws of Nature, your thoughts easily translate into tangible things. If you have been a perennial loser, you just need to change your attitude towards life and you turn on the faucet of success. Note that if you keep your mind on the negative side of life and always expect bad things to happen, they definitely will. On the other hand, if you are an optimist who expects life to give them the best, it also will. Although this proposition may be subjected to the most gruelling empirical debate, those that have applied it have found that it works 100% of the times.

In order to illustrate how the power of positive thinking works, the following story will suffice. Tom had just applied for a vacancy and had no faith that he could nail the chance. This was because he considered himself a loser and suffered from low self-esteem. He had come to categorize himself as a failure and he at every turn behaved as if he was unworthy of success. He always anticipated failure, even in cases where little effort was needed to succeed.

As he waited for the interview, his mind was occupied with dark imaginings and negative thoughts concerning the application he had just forwarded. He in fact, he believed that he could not get the job no matter what.

Come the interview day, he woke up late and found that the most decent shirt he could wear to the interview was too dirty to be worn as he had forgotten to have laundered the day before. He had to settle for the second best shirt that turned out to be wrinkled and not very clean. Since it was already too late, he had no time to take breakfast.

Throughout the interview, he harbored negative emotions, was tense and hungry at the same time. Throughout, he was worried about his shirt. Since his mind was badly distracted, it was hard to concentrate on the interview. His overall behavior created a visible bad impression that made the panel consider him a bad choice for the position.

Alex applied for the same position. Unlike his pessimistic counterpart, he approached the matter in an optimistic way. He believed that the job was his. Throughout the week preceding the interview, he visualized himself impressing the panel and clinching the job. On the eve of the interview, he ensured that his clothes were well laundered and even went to bed a little earlier. The following morning, he woke up earlier than usual, took a shower and had his breakfast. He was able to reach the interview hall earlier than the stipulated time. His decency and preparedness and liveliness impressed the interviewers and he got the job.

The law of positive thinking is the same thing called the law of attraction. It states that your thoughts can be converted into real tangible things. In fact, people have believed that they are sick when they are anatomically and medically alright and turned out to be sick indeed. This phenomenon is called hypochondria and the kind of fake medicine given to cure the imagined sickness is called a placebo. Optimism and good outcomes cannot be divorced. Likewise, pessimism and failure are bedfellows.

You want to succeed? Just change your mindset and you actually will.

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