Personal Development

Personal Development
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We are faced by many challenges in this modern world. Since we were very young, these challenges have served the role of shaping us and the choices that we have made have dictated the very paths that our lives have taken. These external variables will inevitably serve to help or hinder our successes in life; depending on how we adapt our “power of mindto negotiate such aspects. However, even the most successful individuals are searching for ways to increase their levels of positivity, contentment and happiness. It is easy to see that a positive attitude plays a key role in accommodating our dreams, but it is an unfortunate fact that this is easier said than done. So, what are some of the general principles that we need to embrace to continue this personal development on a physical, emotional and even spiritual level?

All About the Journey

If we examine the term “development” for a moment, we become aware that it is a noun. This may give a rather “static” feel to the entire process. Although it would not make grammatical a sense, personal developing is perhaps a better way to approach our path to affluence and happiness. In other words, this process will continue our entire lives. It is important to realise that we are constantly changing, adapting and hopefully, evolving. Seeking personal development is a very active task indeed and through this awareness, we will gain the “power of mind” to keep moving forward.

The Whole Package

Life is about balance. In some ways, balance may very well be the closest thing to perfection that we will ever know. Likewise, it is important that we focus on not one aspect of our development, but rather the “big picture”. What good is it to develop a loving relationship if we allow ourselves to become morbidly obese? If we finally land that big promotion through diligence and visualisation, would the victory taste as sweet if we have destroyed a relationship in the process? It is important to approach personal development from a rather broad perspective; first identifying the things in our lives that need to be changed and then approaching them with surgical precision. It will naturally take time to achieve this balanced mindset, but it is nonetheless essential to find the happiness that we all deserve.

The Mirage of External Power

When many of us envision a favorable lifestyle, we often think about our relationships, our living conditions, our current job position or our income. While these are all quite important factors, it should be remembered that these are all the results of a successful approach as opposed to success itself. In a world defined by so many different myths of what personal development entails, never forget that power on the outside only comes after power on the inside. Just as a bodybuilder will have to possess the motivation and the drive to display a world-class physique, your success will only come after internally focusing on your personal development.

Become Addicted

You may be surprised to see the word “addicted” in an article regarding personal success, but recall that an addiction is only bad if it has a negative effect on our lives. Many of the most successful individuals in the world have become addicted to personal development; constantly refining their behaviour and honing their skills. After all, practice makes perfect. We need to get into the habit of thinking about this development each and every day, even if for only fifteen or twenty minutes before we go to sleep. Any thought that is repeated over time (good or bad) will eventually become a habit. In this way, positive personal and character development is just as much a habit as it is a talent.

These are but a few factors to consider if we wish to change and mold our lives to embrace the positivity that we all deserve. With patience, time and honesty, this dream will soon become a reality!


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