Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

Never Give Up
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Why You Must Never Give Up.

Giving up is the worst thing in life. Hope is the stuff that fuels life. Just like a car cannot take you anywhere without fuel, our lives become utterly pointless, aimless, and directionless without hope. As such, this piece explores some tips on how to stay motivated without giving up. In this article, examples of men and women who refused to give up and ones who persisted until they attained groundbreaking success are discussed.

Abraham Lincoln

There was nothing in the young life of Abraham Lincoln that could point to his becoming the greatest American president. He was born in a log cabin to destitute parents. He had very little education. In fact, it is widely believed that Lincoln did not attend school for more than a month. Being largely self-educated, the sixteenth American became a competent lawyer far away from his home – Illinois. Although he was elected to the congress at a young age, his attempts to be elected to the same position failed two times. His first attempt at the presidency was an exercise in futility. Even his successful presidential bid is still considered by many historians to be a sheer stroke of luck.

Abraham Lincoln is perfect epitome of perseverance, tenacity of purpose, and bulwark of hope. He lost many of his children at a tender age and that must have doubtless tested him but certainly did not destroy him. He still held onto his political dream and his clear vision for America never waned.

If Abraham Lincoln had given up then America would perhaps not be the strongest nation on earth. He became president when America was in a precarious political climate and the civil war clearly at hand. Although every indicator signified failure and defeat, Lincoln did not believe in failure. In fact, he saw victory in every defeat.

The chief source of motivation to him was a self-chosen mindset that had no space for failure – only success.

As a result of his persistence, Lincoln is a paradigm of success and source of inspiration to many people going through trying times throughout the world. From him, many have learned how to remain focused even when hardest hit by life challenges.

Albert Einstein

As a young man, Albert Einstein was considered uneducable – even lunatic. He did not speak until he was four years and could not read until he was seven years. His parents thought that he was sub-normal and a certain teacher described him as having fallen in love with foolish dreams. Due to his inability to read, he was expelled from the Zurich Polytechnic School. He did finally learn how to talk. Even to work out a little math. The rest, as the whole presently world knows, is history.

Later on, his thesis and dissertations were trashed by lecturers and supervisors who said that they were just but fanciful concoction of non-workable ideas. Although his theories were once disregarded, he was able to prove to the whole world of science the equivalence of mass and energy which resulted in the now ubiquitous formula: Em=c2.

His opponents who had declared his theories nothing but bizarre were shocked when he clinched the Nobel Prize in 1921 for having proved that light is indeed a collection of particles. This discovery opened doors to the now fundamentally useful world of quantum physics.

Although his apparently smarter science teachers could not explain the fundamental question why the sky is blue, Einstein did this in 1910. He showed that the sky was blue due to the multiplicity of scattered light particles in the outer space.

How would the world be if Einstein had listened to naysayers and decided to quit? We all must remember the story of this dull child who was slow to speak and who could not write while his peers did and find an unshakeable reason to continue trying despite how many times we fail.

Einstein showed that we cannot be defeated in the physical world unless we first get defeated in our minds. He underscored the fact that our biggest weakness lies in giving up.

We must therefore learn to believe in ourselves. Since you are the only person who understands your strengths and your abilities fully, you must not allow yourself to be convinced by others that you cannot make it. You can make it as long as you strongly believe that you can.

From the life of the great Albert Einstein, this statement can be said to be absolutely true:

“Whether or not you think you can, you are absolutely right!”


Examples of men and women who refused to quit in life are indeed many. The most painstaking analysis of these individuals will show that such people did not make it because they had any distinct abilities. They were just ordinary average folks who knew that one could not be defeated until they accepted defeat.

Helen Keller was both blind and deaf but she became a globally famous speaker and author. One of the leading humanitarians of the 20th century, she is one of the co-founders of ACLU.

She showed the world that inability is not disability. In fact, even achieving happiness while blind and deaf is considered by many to be a colossal feat in its own right. She taught those who could speak and hear how to believe in themselves!

If blindness and deafness are a reason enough to quit, then what else is? If Helen Keller made it, then everyone else should!

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill failed his six grade exams. His communication papers were rated so low with the demoralizing comments: “conspicuous lack of success.”

The world does not know any man who could communicate better than Winston Churchill. He made it not only in oratory but also in the literary world in which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

His sheer oratorical skills and motivation are thought to have won the Second World War against the Hitler-powered Nazis of Germany.

Churchill teaches us that no-one can say you are defeated unless you are that person. You cannot be defeated unless you choose to be defeated yourself!

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