Achieve Lifelong Productivity

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You find yourself with more free time than you can afford, and yet those dreams remain unfulfilled. It is easy to wish to someday speak a new language fluently, or to have more disposable income, but these hopes will never come to fruition without the proper mindset. This guide is here to help you on your way to a more fulfilling life.

Start each day with a clear goal of what you wish to accomplish. It can be small at first, as there is no need to get in over your head. Momentum is contagious, and you will find that one small step goes a long way. Remember that each house was built brick by brick, and your routine will be too.

If you’ve decided to exercise, read a book, or write a novel, eliminate all thoughts of the process from your mind. Your thoughts require energy, and daydreaming is a surefire way of minimizing actual action. Understand that it will feel amazing to accomplish something, no matter how small. Know that your workout will leave you feeling fulfilled, satisfied with yourself, and one step closer to where you want to be. Eliminate the burden of thought, and use that energy towards your actions.

You know the feeling of peace you attain after a pleasurable experience? The feeling of weightlessness and bliss after doing what you love most. Try to imagine this feeling right now. Imagine exactly what it feels like to enjoy your favorite snack, to laugh at your favorite show, or to be with your favorite friend. Harness this feeling, and apply it direct to your goal. You must believe that you will feel this way after completing your studies, your novella, or a difficult workout. It is not deceiving yourself, as this feeling will come naturally after any task is completed. It is a powerful release to finish something that has been nagging at you, but you must understand that the release is there in order to get to work.

In order to truly Achieve Lifelong Productivity, you must first understand what is holding you back. It is not external forces, nor is it the task at hand. The hard truth is that we all hold ourselves back. We distract ourselves with frivolous tasks, choosing to play video games over completing our studies. It is human nature, and it is perfectly ok to enjoy these things, but only when we complete what we must do. You will not have the energy to properly fulfill your passions if it is spent browsing online. Refocus your mind, and then relax with commodities. You will thank yourself tomorrow.

By following these steps, you will be one step closer to achieving your goals. Remember to start with one step at a time, and you will soon be running faster than ever imagined. You have the power to bring your dreams to life, and by choosing to act instead of wishing, you will be there sooner than you think.


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