10 Positive Mindsets Entrepreneurs Live By

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Have you ever felt that some people are just destined to make it—to succeed at anything they do, no matter what? Do you find yourself wishing that you could be like this, to find entrepreneurial success so that you can be your own boss and live out your dreams? If so, stop wishing and make it happen. It’s up to you to take the first steps towards success and to help you out, we’ll show you exactly where to begin: with your mindset.

Ten Empowering Mindsets Every Successful Entrepreneur Has

1). Why Not Me? For starters, who is to say that you don’t deserve success? Who is to say that you aren’t entitled to it? The question successful people ask themselves isn’t “Why me?” when something goes wrong, but rather “Why not me?” when something goes right? Why not you—don’t you deserve it?

2). Never Comparing Yourself to Others. While successful people often find themselves compared to others, one thing you’ll never find them doing is comparing themselves to the success of others. That’s because they are too focused on their own successes to worry about what other people are doing. When you worry about others, you lose valuable time for yourself. That leads directly to failure while the person you are worrying about doesn’t think twice about you (and ultimately succeeds).

3). Negative Energy is Others Holding You Down. Let go of the negative energy you feel in your life, even if someone harms you or your business. They aren’t thinking about you and the longer you harbor resentment or strive for revenge, the more you are spending time distracted from your true goal: success. When you let others distract you from your success, they win and you lose, plain and simple.

4). Those Who Try to Drag You Down are Already Below You. Don’t pay attention to people who say you can’t do something or an idea is too ambitious for you. The only way that people can figuratively drag you down is if they are below you. If they were above you, they’d be pulling you up. As such, don’t put your hand down to let them get a better grip—ignore them and focus on yourself.

5). Fear is Your Call to Go Harder. When you get afraid to go a step farther, it’s likely that everyone else has set that limit for themselves as well. You won’t get anywhere in life playing within the boundaries. When you feel fear, use it to push you that extra step and be an innovator.


6). Be Willing to Fail if It Leads to Getting Better. Failure is inevitable for most of us, it’s what you do with it that makes us successes. Take your failures and learn from them. Don’t look at them as failures, but as learning experiences. For every Version 8.9 software model out there that makes twenty million bucks, there are 8.8 versions sitting in someone’s garage that you could argue are failures—but not with twenty million bucks in your hand!

7). You Are Five of Your Associates. The people you surround yourself with are indicative of who you are as a person. Pick five of your associates and sum them up. Is that who you want to be seen as? If not, change the people you surround yourself with.

8). Don’t Do Things Twice, Do Two Things Once. Repetition outside of practice is ridiculous. Don’t do things over and over again, especially if they aren’t working. Make changes and small tweaks. If something fails, change two things about it and try two new attempts rather than retrying the first failed attempt in hopes of a different outcome.

9). Try Not to Think Thoughts You Wouldn’t Say Out Loud. A great way to keep your mind focused, positive and moving forward is to eliminate any thoughts that you wouldn’t feel comfortable blurting out at any point. This will ensure that your thoughts are productive and helpful to not only you, but to those around you. People like to surround themselves with others who are productive and helpful to them, something that bodes well for any entrepreneur or business.

10). Celebrate Successes Unequivocally. Finally, pop that champagne and celebrate every little success you have. You deserve it. Not only will this keep you motivated, but it keeps your team on track and focused as well.



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