Lose Weight Using EFT (Video)

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Being overweight is not only depressing for some people, but it can also lead to multiple health issues including cardiovascular disorder, kidney problems and diabetes. Unfortunately, losing weight is a major challenge for most people.

There is also a serious struggle that people go through just to try and lose weight, yet without much success. So, if you find yourself in this situation, how can you possibly slim down and feel good about the entire process, as well?

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a form of therapy that involves meridian tapping. This method offers a combination of modern psychology and Chinese acupuncture in addressing physical, emotional and mental issues. In fact, it has been noted to help resolve concerns with poor body image, weight problems, phobias, and unexplained fears. All of these are made possible by simply tapping specific meridians and stimulating these to activate your body’s natural healing abilities.

Keep in mind that your body possesses a certain amount of energy and power more than you will ever know. By tapping on key areas, you can have better control of all that power and feel a sense of freedom from any emotional or physical distress that has been taking over your mind and body. It is only a matter of acknowledging your inner abilities to heal and recover completely from these issues that hold you back from positivity.

EFT for Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, EFT has been used by several people to get rid of numerous ailments and issues that affect every aspect of their being. For those who suffer from weight loss concerns, this technique may also prove to be an effective and efficient way to slowly reduce cravings until you begin noticing positive outcomes on your weight. Here are some benefits that EFT offers to weight loss.

  1. Reduction or elimination of cravings.

Diet planWhat any obese or overweight people suffer from is a strong and immediate craving. Once they give in to what they are drawn to eat, it is often too challenging to stop. The desire to satisfy cravings is so intense, that it seems as though no other thing can prevent them from getting a hold of the food or drink they are looking to have.

With EFT, you can take a hold yourself and arrest your cravings. Afterwards, you will no longer feel the great desire to give in to your craving, and there is no feeling of being compelled to eat these foods. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine has shown that EFT reduced the participants’ cravings by at least 83 percent. They were also able to maintain their ideal weight with regular practice of EFT.

  1. Overcome emotional overeating issues.

Some people find comfort in eating, and they resort to this habit whenever they are sad, anxious, angry, and overwhelmed with emotions. If you go through emotional overeating, you may find it a major challenge to lose weight since there is an apparent lack of control as you gobble up large servings of food in minutes.

By performing EFT tapping, you can get to the bottom of the problem causing overweight issues, which is emotional overeating. This is indeed one of the most common contributing factor to eating more than you should, so it is important to be aware of this issue instead of allowing it to get the best of you.

  1. Experience total wellness over time.

As you notice positive effects in your body by practicing EFT tapping daily, you will realize that not only has your weight improved, but even your outlook in life. This means, you will feel rejuvenated and even more full of life than ever before. Naturally, when your physical health is thriving, so will every aspect in your life. It is also easier for you to deal with stress, which is among the culprits linked with obesity and weight problems.

So, if you want to feel and look good naturally, it may help to try EFT tapping. Not only is this technique very easy, but it also works on many levels. From your physical, mental, emotional and psychological aspects, you will notice an amazing difference in you, which may be completely different from the kind of person you were before.

Start Losing Weight with EFT

Considering all these benefits of EFT, it only makes perfect sense to start getting into this habit now. EFT is an easy, painless, and effective solution to your weight loss concerns. So, give it a try today by checking out The Tapping Solution for a quicker means of losing weight while achieving total body and mind improvement along the way.


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