Live the Life of Your Dreams on Your Own Terms

Life of your dream
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What have you always wanted to do with your life? Perhaps, you have been hoping to become a book author, yet your fears and anxieties tend to get the best of you most of the time. You may have fascinating and brilliant ideas, but you hesitate to even take the first step to writing a single chapter because you are afraid no one would be interested to read it anyway.

Regardless of your dreams in life, getting started is usually the toughest part. Sure, it is quite easy to make a list of your life plans, yet once you get to the point where you need to do something towards your dreams, it can be so tempting to just forget about your dreams out of fear.

Unfortunately, your insecurities, fears, and other negative emotions tend to limit your potentials. These also put you farther to your goals of making a lasting and positive impact to others.

Overcoming your fears, though, can take a lot of work. First, you need to unlearn and challenge past beliefs that always hold you back. You may also have to accept the fact that there will be instances where you will need to be with people who may look down on your capabilities. To put it simply, you will face scenarios that can slowly let you go past your fears as your confidence improves – and that’s an excellent way for you to begin living out your dreams.

How to Begin Living Your Dreams

Here are some tips on how you can start turning all your lifelong dreams into reality. Be sure to apply these even when all those negative thoughts come pouring in and push you to fall back into your fears and insecurities.

1. Rediscover the confidence that you have within you.

Accept the fact that when the moment you were born, you never had insecurities within yourself. In fact, external judgment never existed in your mind, and all you knew was you had your own needs that must be met.

As you grew up, you became more aware of what others think of you. This also caused you to form insecurities, anxieties and doubts based on how people perceived you whether you received praises or criticisms from them.

So, each time you find yourself giving in to negative emotions about yourself, always look back at how you came out into this world – that you are a confident and beautiful being with every right to live out your dream the way you want.

2. Accept your limitations and harness your strengths.

It may take years before you realize what you are good at and what needs improvement. No matter how long it may take you to learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, be sure to find time to reflect on these aspects to understand yourself more.

The moment you get to know more about your limitations and strengths, it will be easier for you to do something to improve yourself. Moreover, being unaware of your weaknesses only leaves you feeling frustrated and disappointed most of the time since you are unable to accept that there is something that you struggle to do. In the same way, not being aware of your strengths stops you from utilizing your skills to boost your confidence.

So, make it a point to list down your strengths and weaknesses. Do your best to apply your strong character or skills, and try to work on your limitations. The more you put your abilities into good use, the closer you will get at achieving your dreams in life.

3. Learn to accept failures.

In life, it is inevitable to experience failures. In fact, even the most successful person in the world might have come across a couple of failures and disappointments in life. What you need to know is that your mistakes and failures do not define your future. Sure, you might have screwed up during your childhood, but that does not mean you will become a worthless adult.

Failures are what keep us going. If you accept these as a a challenge to rise back and start over, then you will be fired up with that strong desire to do much better and succeed eventually. On the other hand, facing constant successes may leave you complacent. Over time, you may lose the desire to strive harder since you have become overconfident about what you think you can do.

With this in mind, think of failures as a way to do much better in the future. Create a better version of you by overcoming these failures and start living the kind of life you have always wanted.

4. Expect the unexpected.

It is true that in life, it may be difficult to have total knowledge of what will happen in the future. Even if you are highly skilled, successful and intelligent, it is impossible to have total control of the outcomes of circumstances in life. In fact, even confident professionals soon lose their relationships, finances, health and career.

However, the unknown should not stop you from aiming to accomplish your goals. If there is anything you need to accept, it to expect the unexpected. Just keep doing what is right at the moment, and be glad that you have made a difference in your life and someone else’s by making the best out of each day that comes.

5. Take the challenge.

It will be difficult for you to know what you can and cannot do unless you take a risk. What’s more, you will never know that you are worth more than you think you are without accepting challenges in life.

If there are opportunities that come your way, just face those with a sense of wonder and confidence. In some cases, these opportunities do not always present themselves, so it is best to grab them the moment they come. Who knows, these golden moments may serve as the ticket to your lifelong dreams!

Lastly, think of yourself as a special, able and unique being. You have a right to succeed, no matter how many times you have fallen in the past. Just keep on believing in yourself, and it will only be a matter of time when you can start checking off those items in your bucket list.


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