Imagination is your greatest gift

Child Imagination
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Your imagination is your greatest gift. It can affect ever aspect of your life and its power can help you realise your goals and dreams. Sadly, many people have forgotten how to use it or are afraid to use it.

Remember when you were a kid how you could explore the universe, be a super hero, travel through time. And the fun you had when you salvaged a big cardboard box. You could turn that boring old box into a castle, a spaceship, a pirate ship – in fact whatever your heart desired. Your imagination allowed you to be whatever you wanted to be and do anything you wanted to do.

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” ― Walt Disney

The Impossible Dream

As grownups, we often let our memories of past failures and fears put up barriers that stop us from stretching and challenging ourselves. Have you ever given up on a dream because you thought it was impossible or a pie-in-the-sky idea that wouldn’t pay the bills? The problem most of us have is that we have trained our minds to use logic and reason to make choices and decisions, but without imagination our sense of possibility is limited. Imagination can take us further than we could ever dreamed, if we allow it. In the same way that as a child you created something out of nothing because of your imagination, you can do the same now you are grown up. If you think you don’t have any imagination, rest assured that you do. You use it everyday to write a letter, tell a story, decorate a room, make a meal, plan a special event. It may be a little dusty, but nothing that a good clean and polish can’t make as good as new again.

The Power of Imagination

Power of ImaginationWhat you need is already within you, our world is full of wonderful art, literature and inventions inspired by people’s imaginations. As well as being a creative tool, imagination can give you wings to rise above hardships and obstacles. Here are two incredible examples:

* A dramatic story to come out of the Vietnam War is that of Air Force Colonel George Hall, a POW locked in solitary confinement in a dark box in a North Vietnamese prison for seven years. To keep mentally strong, the keen golfer played a full game of golf in his imagination every day. Less than a month after being released, he played in the Greater New Orleans Open and shot a 76. If you don’t play golf, let me tell you that’s a great score.

* Vera Fryling, a Jewish teenager, lived undercover in Berlin during the Holocaust. She got through each day of that terrifying occupation first by the Nazis, and then later the Soviet army, by imagining that she was a psychiatrist in a free land. After the war, she became a faculty member at San Francisco Medical School. She credits her imagination for helping her get through the ordeal.

How to Harness Your Imagination

Understanding how to use your imagination correctly can help put you on the road to success and happiness. So how do you do that? Here are a few tips:

* Get rid of the “I can’t” attitude. If you have negative thoughts of defeat and failure, you will be discouraged. Say to yourself, “I can” and you will.

* By visualising the future you want for yourself, you can attract people and situations into your life that can help you.

* You can do anything you want if you first imagine it. If you want to be happy, you have to imagine you are happy, if you want to be successful, you must imagine that you are successful.

* Imagine as often as you can. Relax, close your eyes and think about what you want to happen in your life.

* Create images of what you want to achieve in your mind using all of your senses. The more vivid the pictures, the greater the change can be.

* Your dreams won’t happen by magic. You need to work hard to make them a reality by doing your homework and learning any necessary skills.

A Final Word…

Imagination is your greatest gift. Don’t be afraid to use it.



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