How to Overcome Fear and Insecurity

Fear and Insecurity
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Fear and insecurity can leave us emotionally and physically crippled, unable to perform even the most basic of functions. This can lead to emotional detachment, physical ailments and a generally poor quality of life. Fear of just about anything can render us immobile, causing us to stay in our perceived safe confines and never actually get out there and live our lives. No risk taking, no relationships, no meaningful jobs—fear and insecurity can rule and ruin our lives without us even knowing it.

In reality, fear and insecurity can be positive when we learn how to accept them as the warning signs they are. For instance, fear can alert you to a potentially life threatening situation and active your fight or flight response. Insecurity can be used as motivation to become more self-confident in your abilities by learning new things and practicing to get better. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

How to Tell if Fear and Insecurity are Ruining Your Life

If you suspect fear and insecurity might be having more of a negative effect on your life, check for these common signs that fear is controlling your actions:

  • You deny social invitations because you feel that people won’t like you for who you are
  • You turn down job opportunities because you don’t think that you’ll get the job anyways
  • You avoid strangers outside because you feel that they might (unrealistically) confront your
  • You go out of your way to avoid things that you know you realistically shouldn’t. For example, not taking a bridge home because it might collapse even though bridges rarely collapse and millions of people cross it safely each year
  • You don’t try new things because you feel as if they might harm your
  • You are scared to talk to members of the opposite sex because you feel as if they will just reject you anyways

fearOf course, there are many different types of fear and insecurity, but these are some of the more common signs to watch for. Generally, anything that makes you anxious or feel like giving up can be attributed to fear and/or insecurity. It’s time you learn how to overcome these powerful emotions and take back charge of your life.

Different Ways to Overcome Fear and Insecurity

While most people have their own mechanisms for overcoming fear and insecurity—what, did you think you were the only person that experiences it—if you are having trouble conquering your reactions, there are a few methods that you can try.

  • Suck it Up. While this isn’t particularly healthy or helpful, it does work for some people. Keeping a stiff upper lip and pushing through your fears and insecurities can show you that the outcome will never be as bad as you think. Of course, you have to have the courage to stick with this which is why many people who try this method quickly become discouraged if they experience a roadblock or two.
  • Work Through it With a Friend.  A great way to overcome fear and insecurity is to confide in a loved one or trusted friend. Tell them your fears. Sometimes just saying them outloud is enough to make you realize how silly they actually are (not that all fears are silly, but some really are!).       There’s also a very good chance the person you confide in will have experienced some of these same fears and insecurities in their own life. Knowing that you aren’t alone is helpful in and of itself, but you also might learn some helpful coping mechanisms from the person. Since they know you better than some article on the Internet, the advice will likely be more helpful and tailored to your personality and situation. If worst comes to worst, your friend can be there with you as you tackle your fears head on. It’s always good to have a partner in crime.

The Best Way to Overcome Fear and Insecurity is Meditation

By far, the best way to overcome fear and insecurity happens to also be the healthiest and easiest as well. We’re talking about meditation. Meditation helps you let go of your preconceived notions about fear and insecurities, allowing you to leave them in the past as you expand your mind to grow beyond your former self.

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  1. I think that working through it with a friend is the best way. It’s always good to have someone there to help.


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