How to Deal with Negative Thoughts 

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Do you find it difficult to deal with negative thoughts that seem to affect your mood at times? Just when you think you going along quite fine with your daily tasks, a nasty memory may hit you and cause you to feel bad about yourself. These pessimistic thoughts may keep on taunting you, until you end up becoming depressed or low on confidence.

Times like these, it can get tedious to shove a bit of positive thought in your brain, particularly when you are overwhelmed with stress and negativity. What’s more, your emotions tend to have a firm grip on these thoughts, so it requires great effort on your part to let go of your pessimism. Nevertheless, once you have learned the art of letting go and focusing on the “now”, you will be able to deal effectively with negative thoughts each time they start building up in your brain.

Releasing Negative Thoughts

An initial thing to do when bogged down by negativity would be to imagine yourself pushing these thoughts entirely out of your mind. Unfortunately, the more you keep on fighting these Beautythoughts, the harder it may get for you. Typically, this task would require you to exert more energy, which means it is far better to avoid negative thoughts instead of allowing them to come in and push them out afterwards.

So how should you deal with these thoughts? Instead of prying these thoughts out, you may want to begin by acknowledging and calmly releasing them. Although it is inevitable to have a variety of thoughts entering your brain, that does not mean you need to follow each one of them. All you need is to release and move along, and try not to wrestle or fight these thoughts as you will only feel drained and exhausted in the long run.

Letting Go

It is only normal for people to have a number of concerns about nearly every aspect of their life. Whether these concerns pertain to their spouse, children, career, or personal goals, a flood of distressing thoughts related to these issues may denote a lack of control. You hang on to these thoughts and images tightly, and you end up being submerged into negativity until you feel that there is no way out.

When things go wrong, it helps to realize that thoughts just naturally come and go, just like the waves in the ocean. This is a natural part of life, and it does not make sense allowing these thoughts have full control over you. As long as you decide to let go instead of keeping on pushing or fighting, your mind will achieve a relaxed state until it opens up and become clearer. Most importantly, this prepares you to become a vessel of positivity, which everyone should aim to attain over time.

Replacing Negative Thoughts

Slowly-replacing-the-negative-thoughts-with-colors-and-beautiful-thingsAfter being keen on the fact that negative thoughts do exist, you can start practicing thought replacement. This technique is beneficial among those who are overwhelmed with pessimistic thoughts to the point that they go through depression because of it. With thought replacement, you will be more empowered to manage your pessimism whenever and wherever you want. The more it becomes a personal habit, the easier it will be for you to naturally become more optimistic.

Negative Thought Awareness and Replacement

After you acknowledge your thoughts, the next thing you can do is to replace these negative images in your head. Initially, you will have to consider some positive and realistic changes or actions that can be done after going through an unfortunate situation. At this point, you can channel your creativity and explore possibilities that may work effectively in addressing a negative experience, which tends to trigger undesirable thoughts.

For instance, you may be going through a tough time because you have just lost your job. Almost instantly, this can lead to negative thoughts about not being able to pay the bills, inability to keep track of your expenses, and basically adapting to a less comfortable lifestyle. However, if you try to be more creative in terms of your budget, improve your purchasing habits or start sending out your resumes to various companies, you can slowly work out of negative self-talk and into a more positive train of thoughts.

As you start getting into the habit of practicing positive thought replacement, you may find it difficult to believe at first that it actually works. After years of succumbing to negative thoughts, feeling optimistic is indeed a refreshing change. Just continue allowing these encouraging and reasonable thoughts to get into your brain by saying affirmative words to yourself more often. If you are used to predicting disaster or anything unfortunate to happen, your more positive thoughts will pave a clearer path for practical solutions that you never thought would be possible.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

If you find it quite challenging at first to think of positive thoughts, then you may try improving your surroundings and make these more up-lifting. Listen to soothing music, read inspirational books, and surround yourself with people who are optimistic and encouraging. People and objects that vibrate higher and more positive vibrations can do so much in enhancing not only your mood but also your thoughts.

It takes practice to handle negativity, and keep in mind that this does not happen overnight. In fact, there may come a time that you will find yourself being slightly threatened by negative statements. Yet, as these thoughts continue to come at you once in a while, the impact may no longer be as intense as before. In addition, it will be much easier for you to replace these with more encouraging thoughts once you are driven to remain positive.

So, keep these tips and techniques in mind each time you come across negative thoughts. Just remember that all instances in life are fleeting and there is always a solution for everything, as long as you allow yourself to make positive things happen.


  1. A very good and inspiring write up. Many people are trapped and tortured by their negative experiences. Even life itself, is a threat to so many. So, I believe that your expose will do a lot of folks, a great deal of good. Keep up the good work comrade!


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