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If we step back and think about our lives for a moment, what are we thankful for? Perhaps we have a loving family and wonderful children. We may have landed a recent job promotion and are now more in control over our professional direction. We could have even overcome a debilitating illness against all odds. This idea of gratitude is essential in maintaining our health and well-being. However, we are frequently too focused on the stresses and rigors of our daily lives to remember to be grateful for what we have. The end result can leave us feeling empty, vacant and under-appreciated. So, how can we change this outlook to lead a fuller and healthier life that will welcome success?

A Matter of Perspective:

It is first important to appreciate that we will all be thankful for different things. In actuality, our experiences will mold this viewpoint and what may seem trivial to one individual will appear all but critical to another. This is due to the fact that we base our experiences directly from our past. Another term for this is appreciation. Let us look at a brief example of this to understand the concept more clearly. A poor child and a rich child are strolling down a street when the happen upon a small sum of money. The poor child will revel in finding what may only amount to a few coins while the rich child may very well remain unimpressed; stating that this sum is hardly worth bending over to pick up. In essence, their perceptions are based off of their subjective experiences in their own lives.Now, the same can be said for the act of being thankful for something. This is a rather interesting trait in human nature and in actuality, is very difficult to avoid. This is due to the fact that we often times take things for granted until they are no longer around us. We do not miss our romantic partner until he or she leaves. We become accustomed to living a rather plush lifestyle until we lose our job. We hardly ever consider our health until we find ourselves diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease. This does not make us ungrateful, but rather creatures of habit.

Why is Gratitude Important?

Some would argue that living in the “here and now” is more important than ruminating upon aspects in our lives that are already here. In fact, being thankful is extremely important to develop a positive energy around us. We must never forget that life is a gift and that the very act of waking up in the morning is denied to thousands of individuals each and every day. In fact, there are billions of souls around the globe that do not have access to health care, education or the Internet. So, it is always important to recall that we are members of a very lucky group indeed.Still, why is it so important to be grateful? The simple answer is that this attitude will magnetise a similar energy around us. To be thankful will encourage like-minded people to resonate with our own belief systems. In turn, this act will help draw us to a more positive perspective in life. This is not only a passive position, but should rather play an active role in our lives.

We should tell our significant others that we are grateful that they are a part of our lives. We should thank our friends for supporting us through difficult times. Occasionally, we can even thank our bosses for allowing us to continue in our current position.

We must not be affected by the principle of appreciation that was mentioned earlier. We must recall that regardless of our past, we never know what the future may have in store. By espousing gratitude, we will likewise embrace our lives and the lives of those around us. Such an existence can propel us to great heights and allow us to enjoy a sense of true fulfillment and happiness.



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