Gratitude—The Key to your Success

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There is perhaps no more endearing quality in a person that is enjoying success than them being grateful for everything they’ve achieved. In fact, look at most successful people who are self-made and you’ll quickly begin to notice that they are happy with what they have. Even if something goes wrong, the world doesn’t stop turning—they are simply grateful for what they still have and this positive outlook helps them make a quick recovery, even after a bad stumble.

The problem with this rests within the outsider looking in. They see the rich, successful person who has everything and think, “Well, why wouldn’t they be grateful. If I had everything they had, I’d show gratitude as well!” But this is a skewed view. Chances are the successful people that you are looking at, you have only known them as successful. Therefore, you automatically think that they became grateful after they had success.

But what about if their success happened because of their gratitude. Then, that would mean all you would have to do is show gratitude and you’d increase your chances of being successful, right?

Gratitude Increases Your Chance of Success

Right. The fact of the matter is that gratitude is one of the prerequisites for many successful people. It’s not that they only become grateful once they’ve achieved, it’s that their attitude of gratitude opened their lives up to the opportunities that directly led to their success. Here’s how.

When you are grateful for everything in your life, even the misfortunes and failures that you use as learning experiences, you emanate a more positive aura and attitude. People not only want to be around that type of person, they gravitate towards them. These are the people they want working with them on the latest projects. These are the people they offer opportunities for advancement to—these are the people who go on to become successful.

Why? Because when you are constantly aware of how wonderful life is and everything you’ve been given, that rubs off on other people. They start to feel wonderful around you as well and want to give you all the help and support they can. This opens up doors of opportunity that would otherwise not exist—or at least that would exist only for someone else!

How to Have More Gratitude in Your Life

The best thing about the gratitude equals success theory is that there is absolutely no downside for trying it. All you have to do is be more grateful for the things you have and everything will start to fall into place. What’s the worst that can happen—you appreciate things more? Exactly! Here are a few exercises to help you learn to have more gratitude in your daily routine so you can enjoy opportunities that you’ve never had before:

  • As soon as you wake up, think about the things that you have and why you are grateful for them.  Think of all the positives in your life. Who loves you? Do you have a roof over your head? Are you going to starve today? Do you have to watch out for landmines and missiles? Do you have to squat over a hole to go to the bathroom? Are you in danger of freezing to death? There are many things to be grateful for. Make a list and try to add a few each morning. Review the list before bed and see how many times you experienced things on the list—did you remember to be grateful while you experienced them? If not, try to do so tomorrow.
  • Celebrate the good things that happen in your life, even the small things. Of course, this should be scaled to reason (i.e. don’t book a cruise for your ten best friends because you found a dollar in the street). But be cognizant of all the great and amazing things that happen to you during the day. When you recognize how much good is in your life, your attitude changes to the positive, inviting more good in while blocking negativity out.
  • Of course, bad things are going to happen. Instead of feeling angry or upset, kill the bad things with more gratitude! Thank the opportunity to test your character and will. Look at it as a challenge and embrace it—be thankful that you are going to overcome this challenge because you have so much greatness in your life!

You’ll quickly find that simply showing gratitude will bring much more into your life to be grateful for.

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