Get Over Rejection and Move On

Get Over Rejection
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Rejection hurts, plain and simple. But the long-term effects of rejection can be far more devastating, causing people to alter their social patterns and forgo relationships out of fear of being rejected again. These patterns are part of a paradigm that leads to alienation, depression and ultimately, a loss of completeness in terms of life quality and the fulfillment of your goals and dreams. That’s an awful lot of weight to put on someone’s shoulders just for being rejected!

But the answer is not to simply “get over rejection” by toughing it out. That doesn’t work as your subconscious is still scarred on a psychological level that we still yet cannot reach through modern medicine. Luckily, there is one way to unleash these subconscious scars and shift the paradigm you are living in, and that’s meditation.

What is a Paradigm?

To begin with, it’s important to understand that the paradigm—or mind state—that you live in dictates your entire life’s views and outcomes. If you have live in a positive paradigm, you’re more likely to view the world as positive and attract positive people and outcomes. If your paradigm is one filled with rejection, struggle and conflict, these mindsets will dictate every aspect of your life, permeating each level until you are rife with misery.

The key then, is to shift your paradigm from one of negativity to positivity. Of course, there isn’t a magic pill that you can take for this, so it’s a bit more difficult to do on your own than with a set plan on your side. For that, we turn to the ultimate paradigm shifter, meditation.

What is Meditation and How Does it Affect My Paradigm?

Meditation is best described as going beyond your typical state of mind and entering a deeper state of relaxation and thus, awareness. Our typical mind state is one of reflexive thinking which keeps us grounded in the reality of the world as portrayed by those around us. But what this type of thinking doesn’t do is allow you to reach within your true self for answers—meditation makes this possible.

There are many different forms of meditation all separated by their objectives, ideals, concepts or intentions, but underneath it all, the goal of meditation is to become self-aware. When you are self-aware, your attention is completely focused and undivided, allowing you to fix things within yourself that you would otherwise not be able to alter. This is how you can shift your paradigm through meditation.

By learning how to truly concentrate—beyond what we’ve been taught concentration is in schools—we can focus our minds enough to direct our will. When our will is focused and directed, we can change any aspect of our lives we wish, simply by willing it to happen. Of course, this is easier said than done and requires training and time, but it’s still much easier and more effective than trying to change your paradigm without meditation.

You Cannot Escape Rejection, Even with Meditation

One of the main things you’ll learn when you deal with your rejection through meditation is that you cannot escape the conflict and issues in your life. Simply put, meditation will not change the amount of rejection you experience, but rather, how you experience the rejection. When you make a positive paradigm change like this, the outcome is often less rejection because:

• You aren’t putting the fear of rejection out there so you fear it less
• This leads to less rejection due to increased self-confidence
• You won’t view your rejections in the same manner, but rather as learning experiences
• Essentially, your level of rejections will drop the better you learn to shift your paradigm to accept rejections as a part of your life

Only your desire and will gained through true meditation can help you truly “get over” rejection in the loosest sense of the word. Once you become enlightened, you will understand that there is no such thing as rejection, only the perception of it. The expansion of your current limited mindset will be able to accept this freer way of thinking, moving past the bounds and limitations that shackle so many people—as it once shackled you with your fear of rejection.




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