Get a Mentor and Get Growing.

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You are probably wondering – is it really necessary to get a mentor, or can you reap success even without someone lifting you up all the time? The truth is, not everyone finds it easy to get the inspiration to do the right thing towards success. Moreover, some people may not even be aware of what they should do to tread the paths to growth and development. So, having a mentor maybe necessary in learning the ropes and attaining your most cherished goals in life.

What Is a Mentor?

Get A MentorSo, what exactly is a mentor, and what should you look for in one? Primarily, a mentor is a person who will gladly take you under his or her care and guide you in every step of the way. These are people who are eager to work with those whom they would care for and respect. Instead of molding you into their own image, mentors will let your positive traits shine without insisting on what they want you to achieve. After all, these people see the unique and special individual in you, which means you have every right to be the kind of person you can be.

Another important trait of a mentor is that you will feel a sense of ease and comfort by having this person around you. In fact, you will know right away if the person can be the right individual whom you can consider as your mentor. As long as you believe that you have gained wisdom from the person, and you think he or she is willing to continue sharing this with you, then you may just have found yourself a potential mentor for your growth.

When you look for a mentor, it helps to choose one who has qualities that are essential in a credible source of wisdom. For instance, these people should have impeccable listening skills, great ability in providing feedback and open-mindedness. Furthermore, your mentor should be emotionally mature, has a good level of intuition and with a great desire to affect positive change.

On the other hand, people who are judgmental, pessimistic and controlling are not good mentors for you. After all, positive traits matter more to a mentor. You need individuals who have an optimistic attitude that is infectious enough to inspire you and draw you closer to your dreams. A mentorship should also be productive, with your mentor celebrating your success with you.

Lastly, the right mentor is someone who is in a position that you aso long to be in. He or she may also have connections who can even guide you to reach the similar position. If there is a need for you to receive some constructive criticism, your mentor is willing to give that to you for your personal growth.

Finding a Mentor

Now that you know what makes a mentor, you may be asking yourself how you can find one. If you are a member of an organization, or you are currently, employed, it may help to research about any existing mentoring program. In case there is one, you may have to undergo some personality or character assessment, which can assist you in finding a potential mentor whose traits are compatible with yours. When there are differences in personalities, it may be tough for better opportunities to arise because of potential clashes in attitudes.

Get a MentorWhen finding a good mentor, you may begin by looking for a person whom you respect and look up to. It may be someone in your workplace, or perhaps a person who does not belong in the same company, yet you admire him or her. Just be sure you are certain that this potential mentor has the traits you consider as essential in someone guiding people to the right path. This way, you can expect to receive maximum benefits from the mentorship.

Before you start looking for a mentor, it is best that you determine first your reason why you need one to begin with. Think about the skills you are hoping to develop and how your potential mentor can help you with it. After all, you can achieve maximum benefits from your mentor when you look for one who is specifically suitable to your particular needs.

If possible, you may want to consider getting a mentor who shares your values and philosophies. Having some similarities with your mentor will enable you to get along quite fine with him or her. Additionally, you will find it easier to approach your mentor when you two are of the same wavelength. Remember that the main reason why you are getting a mentor is to have someone whom you can easily go to when you need some inspiration, uplifting or motivation. So, if your guide is one who is approachable, warm, and caring, you will not think of going to your mentor as awkward.

Establishing a Mentoring Relationship


Once you have found a mentor, you should discuss with him or her your plans of making the relationship work. As much as possible, try to be as independent as possible by not putting too much burden on your mentor or demanding a great deal of his or her time. Just because you need a guide, that does not mean you should be completely dependent. In fact, monthly meetings would suffice, and you may always go for regular phone contacts or emails, particularly if there are issues you wish to discuss once these come up over the week.

It is also essential for a mentee and mentor to ensure confidentiality with anything that transpires in their conversation. Trust is a major factor in this kind of relationship, so you need to make sure that you choose a mentor whom you can trust completely.

If you experience much encouragement and constructive criticisms from your mentor when necessary, then you are on the right track in your mentoring relationship. A good mentor is one who helps you develop self-awareness while letting you understand more how your challenges can support your personal growth. Once your strengths and weaknesses are fully assessed, you can further boost your chances of improving your skills and abilities that will give you a better shot at succeeding in every aspect of your life.

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