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follow your dream
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Life can prove such huge challenge, especially if you are mature, but living while aiming at nothing. Such a lifestyle is boring and only promises frustration and failure. However the fact of matter is no one was born and condemned to stumble all the way to failure. In most cases failure in any person’s life is largely attributed to poor choices, weak priorities, wishful thinking and the fear to take risks among others. By nature man is ambitious and has been endowed with the seeds of the passion for greatness. As soon we reach the fair age of self awareness, we quickly identify inspiring areas of life and gradually start developing the dream to strive and be a part of that life. It may be in areas of sport, entertainment, education or science; wherever or whatever it is your heart desires to do or be, just quit wallowing in the futile exercise of wishful thinking and act since the right time to the right time to follow your dreams is always now! Remember “procrastination” is the real mother of all failures and through her’ influence many people continue dying and enriching graves with raw unlived dreams. You can chose to be different, start following your dreams and experience the surprise of victory that lies in there for you. Here are some few reasons why you need to follow your dreams NOW.

  • In the absence of dreams life is boring stressful and depressing – It is said that when you live aiming at nothing you will definitely hit nothing. You will live a confused and frustrated life that lacks direction but one which only takes you around in circles.
  • You inspire hope in others – those who defy all fears to follow their dreams quickly inspire others to feel like “wow! So it can be done! Let’s also pick our paths and walk along in pursuit of our dreams”. When they see, read about or simply remember you, they get inspired to fight on and beat the ever present temptation to give up.
  • You realise how much inner strength you have – Any time you make up your mind to follow your dreams, challenges instantly become your regular “unwelcome guests”. Fighting and overcoming these hurdles on your way to dreamland’ only tests and confirms how strong and enduring you are. At the end of the day your character is moulded and developed even further. It lets you realize that failure isn’t bad after all since it the surest path to most heights of success.
  • Makes life worth it – Can you picture an ideal situation where everything you need was available? I mean you absolutely have to do nothing since all you need or want is right there besides you. People would be lazy, in active and certainly prone to all manner of lifestyle diseases like obesity. As someone once put it, such minds would a “devils workshop” continually filled with all manner of scandalous plans that naturally thrive on a mind without tension, direction or purpose. However with a dream a head of you; though you may be struggling, there is always a feeling and pressure to accomplish this or that plan within specified timelines. This is a normal and healthy way of life.
  • You meet and associate with others pursuing their dreams – When you aren’t dreaming, chances of grumbling, whining gossiping and living cheap are almost assured but when you start following your dreams, soon enough you start meeting your fellow dreamers pursuing their personal goals. You hence share and exchange notes, ideas and learn more things that might even be supportive to achieving your dream.
  • You connect well with yourself – Following your dreams is a sure sign that you now realise who you really are. A lot of joy is usually derived from having a sense personal identity where you exactly know who are and what kind of a legacy you wish to leave behind. It instantly attaches you to a sense of purpose and nothing brings joy to a person’s heart than discovering their potential to live for a cause. In some cases people especially big dreamers like Martin Luther king Jr really risk but you realize that the joy and fulfillment of going after a defined goal never gives them a chance to regret or look back.

Life as they say is short and every human being only has one chance to live, so why squander all your few days doing something that affects you blood pressure because you hate it? Current, the statistics of people living with depression or even committing suicide are soaring by the day. You will realise that most of these cases largely have to do with work related unhappiness’. Every morning they leave home to go and face a boss or supervisor that they don’t like at all. This has reduced many people’s lives to shells of misery with no option in sight. If you happen to be part of this crisis, the best thing to do is seek your own independence by realizing that The Right Time to Follow Your Dreams Is Now!



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