Energy can neither be created nor destroyed

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“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only changed.”

How can we define ourselves as individuals? Are we merely flesh and bone that are surrounded by tissues and organs? Are we meant to occupy but a small piece of space in this vast world? What makes an individual, an individual? Although the answers to these questions can be a bit philosophical in their nature, the truth of the matter is that we are all products of our thoughts. We are energies; pure and simple. This may go against the way that you normally view your existence, so let us look at this concept in another way.

 One of the main definitions of clinical death is when all of the electrical energy in our brains dissipates into the outside environment. This is known as brain death. Our bodies are very much the same as they were only a few moments before, but it is the energy within our system that is no more. This energy was not destroyed, but rather exited our bodies into the environment around us. Some may call this rather broad principle of electrical energy our “soul”. Regardless of the definition that we attach to such an instance, the point here is that we are all, in essence, bundles of unique energy that exist independently from one another.

 One of the many ways that this energy is reflected in our conscious (and subconscious) thoughts. Each day, we are dominated by them. We decide on what to wear each morning. We choose the quickest route to work. We engage in daily tasks; some of these are routine and some of these are enjoyable. We eat, sleep, love and worry. All of these actions are the direct result of our energies that are contained within. So, our thoughts and their resultant actions are the very real products of our internal energies.

 The quotation found at the beginning:

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only changed.”

 This is not an opinion, but a scientific fact. Energy is defined in a very broad sense here, but can include every single instance in the heavens and on earth. If you hold a ball three feet above the ground and drop it, the potential energy (resting energy) of the ball turns into kinetic energy (energy in motion) as it falls. When it hits the ground, this energy is then released and changes back into stored energy. Nothing has been lost or gained. The energy has simply changed from one form to another.

 Does this sound a bit of a strange concept when related to humans? If it does, do not worry. This idea is quite difficult to grasp for most people in the beginning. The main key that we first need to address is that your thoughts are simply another form of energy. One of the issues with this observation is that through our conditioning, we imagine “energy” as something we can feel, see or hear. For instance, an explosion releases vast amounts of energy. A train passing nearby shakes the earth and causes wind to blow through our hair. The warmth of the sunlight on our face is known as solar energy. Still, physics cares little what form energy takes; energy is energy.


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