Do Thoughts Have Energy

Thoughts have
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One of the best ways to begin imagining your thoughts as energy is by viewing the results of a certain way of thinking. For instance, if we awake in the morning with a positive and motivated outlook, we will have the energy to tackle any task that we may encounter. On the contrary, if we begrudgingly drive into work, hate our jobs and then return home feeling unsatisfied, our energy levels are undoubtedly quite low. So, it is obvious that our thoughts and perspectives have the absolute power to change our energy levels.

While this may be very obvious from an outside point of view, let us also think about what these energies can do to us internally. Negative energies and thoughts can cause an increase in blood pressure and instances of heart disease. Stress can lead to ulcers and digestive problems. We may experience panic attacks and a breakdown in healthy relationships. In fact, there are many doctors who now believe that prolonged exposure to these negative thoughts can actually lead to many physical ailments such as cancer and fibromyalgia. Although we will examine this power of thought in the near future, the main point to be remembered for now is that the way we think and approach our lives will have an absolute impact on our lives themselves.

 Change You Can Believe In?

We are all creatures of habit. We like to sleep on a certain side of the bed. We have those foods which we find tasty and others, we would rather feed to the dog. We know (or at least think we know) what we want out of our work and relationships. Habit is a very powerful tool that will help keep us on an “even keel” in our lives. Unfortunately, habits can also be one of the biggest stumbling blocks when we are looking for ways to change our thoughts to create success. In the past, it was believed that this involved more psychological than anything else; those who were not able to change their lifestyles or their ways of thinking were considered “weak”. You will be surprised to learn that nothing is farther from the truth.

When we think a certain way for prolonged periods of time, the physical form of our brains actually changes! This occurs for thoughts to be more easily transmitted from one area of the brain to another. You can think of this as trying to find the quickest route to your job. Once you have found that route, you will normally stick with it unless some external variable forces you to change. Your mind (unsurprisingly) works in the very same way. Akin to a singular bolt of lightning, your thoughts are always looking for the path of least resistance. It is for this reason that when you begin the journey to change your thoughts, it is exceedingly difficult…you are actually physically “rewiring” parts of your brain!

One of the last refuges of an individual who may balk at the idea of this seemingly difficult task is to claim that he or she is relatively happy and they would rather remain “comfortable” then place themselves in a position of change. This is perfectly understandable, for change is always scary. If we move house, change jobs, get married or have a child, there is a certain amount of natural stress that comes with the package. Changing our thoughts is no different. Although this fear is justified, the simple fact of the matter is that if you have already read this far, you are looking for reasons to justify this lifestyle change. If this is the case, let us look at a few positive life changes that you can enjoy by changing your thoughts.

Over time and with the proper methods, you can lose those last few kilograms of weight that you have held for the last fifteen years. You can meet that special someone whose heartbeat resonates with your own. You can finally get that raise or promotion at work. You can help reverse the ageing process. You can begin that novel, pen that screenplay and in some cases, even reverse the onset of potentially deadly diseases. Do all of these possibilities seem the stuff of fiction and nothing more? Well, nothing could be further from the truth. All of this and more is well within your power when you begin to decide to change the way you think; to change a part of you, in essence.


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