7 Easy Steps to Lose Belly fat

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For many of us, weight loss can be quite tricky. In particular, it is extremely difficult to lose belly fat as opposed to fat on other areas of our bodies. Still, there are a handful of sure-fire methods to modify our midsections and achieve that perfect “hourglass” appeal. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective techniques.

Lay Off the Fatty Foods

This first step should be the most obvious. Excess fat within our diets will be primarily stored around our waists if it is not metabolised. So, diets that are low in saturated fat and excess carbohydrates are absolutely essential to implement.

Avoid Processed Goods

Processed foods contain chemicals such as MSG and other preservatives that will greatly contribute to the collection of visceral fat (that is, fat underneath the skin stored around our bellies). Also, some of the substances in processed foods will actually fool our bodies into thinking that we are still hungry after we have already eaten the required amount of calories. So, avoid that fast-food restaurant at all costs.

Get Your Sleep

Believe it or not, sleeping between seven and eight hours each night will actually help you to lose belly fat. This primarily arises from the fact that during REM sleep (the portion of sleep when we dream), the body will release several hormones that help to process toxins within our system. Also, the body will produce a chemical known as ghrelin when we are overtired. In turn, ghrelin will increase our cravings for sugar. So, obtaining between seven and eight hours of sleep each night can work wonders in trimming those pesky love handles.

Targeted Exercise

One of the myths regarding weight loss is that performing hundreds of crunches will eliminate belly fat. If you had ever tried this method, you were likely disappointed. The key to losing visceral fat is to increase your metabolism through a whole-body cardiovascular workout. So, avoid exercise programmes that only focus on your abdominal region. Instead, opt for running, bicycling, swimming and other routines that will enable you to burn more calories (and in turn, your fat stores).

Beat the Stress

When we are stressed, our bodies produce a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol encourages the body to store more fat. This had likely served an evolutionary purpose in the past, but it is nowadays a nuisance. Also, let’s not forget that higher levels of cortisol within the bloodstream have been associated with elevated blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. So, try to eliminate psychological stress whenever possible. Not only will you look better, but you will feel remarkably different!

Healthy Hydration

Water is known as nature’s detox agent. Remaining adequately hydrated is another lesser-known secret of weight loss. Not only will water remove toxins throughout your system, but it will also help increase your metabolism and allow you to feel fuller for longer. So, water is perhaps the single most important substance that you should drink on a regular basis. However, remember not to drink only when you find yourself thirsty. Instead, it is a good idea to drink at least a cup (about a third of a litre) every hour.

The Vinegar Solution

Yes, you have read this last title correctly. The main constituent of vinegar is a compound known as acetic acid. Recent studies have shown that adults who consume between fifteen and thirty millilitres of apple cidre vinegar daily were more likely to lose belly fat and they all displayed a lower body mass index (BMI). So, vinegar appears to be quite a powerful tool. It is best to dilute the vinegar with water to help mute its rather acrid taste.

These are some of the best tips to help lose belly fat and promote overall weight loss. Still, remember that these should all be used in conjunction to produce viable results. Of course, you will likely not see results overnight. Diligence and commitment is important during any diet and exercise programme. By following these methods and embracing the notion that it is within your power to finally rid yourself of belly fat, your goals will become much closer than you had ever thought possible!


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