4 Powerful NLP Techniques That Will Eliminate Your Fears

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What if you had the power to never fear anything ever again? Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it’s not. With Neuro-Linguistic Programming you have the power to have complete control over all your thoughts and emotions.

Never again will fear creep in and take root in your mind. You’d be able to dominate any fear you had before it even managed to take you over. Here are four incredibly powerful NLP techniques you can use to eliminate fear entirely.

Let’s get into them.

#1 Fear Reversal

The “Fear Reversal” technique basically works like pulling a weed out of the ground. You have to get all the roots so it won’t come back. You’re literally removing not only the fear but all the negative effects the fear creates. For this technique you need to imagine your fear as a physical object in your mind. You have to picture it clearly and make it tangible.

If your scared of spiders don’t just imagine a spider. You need to imagine all the thoughts and emotions you have that relate to this fear too. Hold them in your mind – feel them all – and then simply let go. Just as if you are dropping a piece of litter in the rubbish bin. It’s that easy.

#2 Fast Phobia Cure

dissociatedDon’t be put off by the name. This technique can be used to eliminate your fears too. They’re in the same wheelhouse after all. You might find this one hard if your not 100% ready to tackle your fear head on.

You need to trigger a large fear response to get the best effects out of this technique. The best way to do this is to actually come face to face with your fear – in real life. If you’re scared of heights – unfortunately for you – you’re going to have to visit the roof of a very high building.

#3 Anchors

NLP AnchorNo, we’re not talking physical anchors. We’re talking about anchors in your mind. These are what you can cling to to prevent fear from taking hold of you. Happy memories work as the best anchors. Not just any happy memory will work though. You need to choose the happiest memory you have.

Whenever you feel the first scratchings of fear you need to transport your mind to a happy memory that is so strong that it takes over all your thoughts. This will stop fear in its tracks and push it out. Remember every detail of your memory. Not just what you felt, but what you saw, smelt and touched too. This will increase the strength of the memory.

#4 Strategy Destroyer

We all go through mental patterns when we create a fear in our minds. This technique aims to destroy them for good. The patterns become so jumbled up in your mind that they no longer make any sense.

When you try to put them back in their original order to recreate your strategy you realise that they make no sense at all. You can’t cling to what you can’t understand, can you? So the fear has been eliminated. There’s no way to reinstate it. Job done.


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