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How to Deal Effectively with Negative Thoughts 

Do you find it difficult to deal with negative thoughts that seem to affect your mood at times? Just when you think you going along quite fine with your daily tasks, a nasty memory may hit you and cause you to feel bad about yourself. These pessimistic thoughts may keep on taunting you, until you end up becoming depressed or low on confidence. Times like these, it can get te [...]

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When man strives to cater for his needs and ends up to have much more than can cater for these needs, then we have no choice than to say that that very particular person is successful. However, there are those people who not only do they have much more than can cater for their needs, but have a lot more to last them an eternity, then saying that they are successful is an unders [...]

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5 Lessons For Every Company That Does Business On The Internet

Timothy Sykes We sometimes forget that despite its influence and popularity, the Internet is barely 20 years old, not even legal to drink in the US. We have only scratched the surface seeing what it's capable of and the opportunity for businesses and start-ups is truly awe-inspiring. And yet millions of small businesses and hundreds of thousands of Internet start-ups don' [...]

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10 Ways Rich People Think Differently

By: Libby Kane If you ask Thomas Corley, being rich has very little to do with luck and everything to do with habits. Corley, who spent five years monitoring and analyzing the daily activities and habits of people both wealthy and living in poverty (233 wealthy and 128 poor, specifically), isolated what he calls "rich habits" — and many of them are simply patterns of th [...]

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Mental Attitude

“Remember, the thoughts that you think and the statements you make regarding yourself determine your mental attitude. If you have a worthwhile objective, find the one reason why you can achieve it rather than hundreds of reasons why you can’t.” – Napoleon Hill In other words, power and success believed are power and success achieved. What Napoleon Hill is referring t [...]

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Using The Silva Method To Improve Your Life

Silva method was first time offered to the public in the second half of the 1960s. Initially was only known by the people of Laredo and its surroundings. In 1966 word of his activities soon spread beyond Laredo where he was teaching his method to more than 100 people every week. Soon after, he was asked to teach groups who were willing to pay him for his knowledge. The Silva [...]

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Success with Internet Marketing

Local businesses, like online companies, can gain incredible success by using the Internet for marketing. For both types of companies, learning successful Internet marketing strategies are often confusing, even if they understand their objectives. Gaining success with Internet marketing requires connecting with a targeted audience and providing prospective customers with the [...]

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Is Courage The Secret to Getting Everything You Want

Going out into the world and demanding it gives you everything you want takes one thing: courage. Courage is all about that attitude and confidence that seems to come naturally to some people while remaining scary and elusive to others. The courage to get out there and take what's rightfully yours, what you deserve, is something that you just can't learn—or can you? When w [...]

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Get a Mentor and Get Growing.

You are probably wondering – is it really necessary to get a mentor, or can you reap success even without someone lifting you up all the time? The truth is, not everyone finds it easy to get the inspiration to do the right thing towards success. Moreover, some people may not even be aware of what they should do to tread the paths to growth and development. So, having a mentor [...]

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Dreams (Video)

  DREAM is the unseen force within all of us that can makes us super strong and keep us committed to the cause until we win or we die trying. Live you DREAM and don't let anybody steal your dream. Hang in there, be strong, keep moving forward, do it over and over and over and over again.. YOU and only YOU can LIVE YOUR DREAM and MAKE IT HAPPEN! [...]

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Lose Weight Using EFT (Video)

Keep in mind that your body possesses a certain amount of energy and power more than you will ever know. By tapping on key areas, you can have better control of all that power and feel a sense of freedom from any emotional or physical distress that has been taking over your mind and body. It is only a matter of acknowledging your inner abilities to heal and recover completely f [...]

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Nothing can get him down. (VIdeo)

One of the most spontaneous expressions of what it takes to get ahead in life I’ve ever seen! High School's Apollos Hester has the type of attitude that every coach should want in a player. Nothing can get him down. Even if a situation looks bleak—as it may have when his team was down 28-14 at halftime versus Vandegrift on Friday—Hester knows that there is always ti [...]

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